Prima doll #2

This is the second card for the Prima doll class on April 5th.
I love these stamps. This is so fun.
If you want to sign up call the store 377-9999



5 thoughts on “Prima doll #2

  1. I love your Prima Doll Tag! What a gorgeous card! I love the butterflies, flowers, and the banners! Her dress is perfect and I love the glittery crown! I really like your saying to! Well done! I can’t wait to make one myself!!! Your super talented!!!!


  2. So very pretty! Can’t wait to see how much I can do. FYI—I found something that works as a cover for the Washi tape turntable. The medium size Quick Covers by Saran even with the pole in the middle. Just happened to have some and decided to try it.


  3. Viola I finally finished the 3rd Prima Doll card. Will you be using the smaller dolls to make cards? I bought “Sunshine” yesterday. Have a great day!


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