Upcoming Copic Color and Ink workshop

Jeremy and I will be heading up to Chicago again on July 19th and 20th. I will be going to the Copic color and Ink workshop. This time Jill and Jeff will be coming too. I am so excited to share this opportunity with Jill. The class should be a great opportunity to improve my copic work.
Thanks for all of the kind words about my last card. Your comments inspire me and really lift me up. My wish is to eventually join a design team and make cards to promote some of my favorite stamps companies. The top of my list would be Sweet Pea stamps. There are so many great artists involved with Sweet Pea. Elaine Cox, Ching Chou Kuik and Elizabeth Bell, just to name a few.


One thought on “Upcoming Copic Color and Ink workshop

  1. I’m the one who is thrilled to be going with you! My one and only teacher! Your the inspiration in my Copic journey you guide with your kind and encourage words! You speak with truth that is gentle and caring! Any design team would be lucky to have you will all of your talent!!
    Yay Chicago!!! Jeff and I are thrilled that we are going with you guys!!


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